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Welcome to Yiwu!
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The city of Yiwu is famous for the biggest wholesale market, and is also known as China Commodity City (CCC). The most important international economic authorities agree in defining Yiwu as the "Largest small commodity wholesale market in the world". Perhaps it is more appropriate to defineYiwu as a vast permanent fair instead of a traditional wholesale market. Defined also "a paradise for shoppers", Yiwu China Commodity City occupies an area of 4.3 million square meters with 62,000 booths inside. 100,000 suppliers show 400,000 kinds of products almost every day from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm (except the period of Chinese Spring Festival). 65% of these products (of about 2000 different categories) are exported to over 215 countries and regions. For 14 consecutive years the market turnover has ranked the first among all the biggest special markets throughout the China. China Commodities City is also the only market awarded (by the State Bureau of Quality Supervision and State Administration of Inspection and Quarantine) with the honorary title of "high quality, keeping faith". Yiwu Market is also the only five stars market in Zhejiang Province (allotted by Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce).

China Commodity City consists of three major markets: International Trade Mart, Huangyuan Market and Binwang Market. The most important (and largest) is the International Trade Mart (also called Futian market). Within the market there is an organizing center that deals with information, innovation, exhibition and distribution for products. In support of the market there are adequate infrastructure and a modern shopping mall.

Binwang Market
Opened on 29 November 1995, Binwang Market is located in No 158, Binwang Road at Yiwu, and is one of the three main markets of CCC (China Commodity City). Binwang Market occupies nearly 320,000 sqm building area. Binwang Market consists of five trade districts and one international trade center. Binwang Market has more than 9000 booths and over 20,000 employees. The main areas of activity related to commodities of 16 different industries including apparel, woolen yarn, leather, textiles, lace, knitting underwear, neckties, towels, dried fruits, beddings, non-staple foods, roasted seeds & nuts, grocery and furniture.

Fire prevention system and firefighting system
The Binwang Market has first class hardware facilities, specially a perfect firefighting system, an efficient water complex and a potent power supply system. There are available 3 fire control centers which are equipped with over 60 firefighting outfits and more than 10,000 dry powder extinguishers. The firefighting facilities adopt sophisticated control systems and fire alarm, an efficient detection of smoke, auto sprinkler and water curtain system. The power supply facilities adopt the dual-circuit system and have two distribution stations of high voltage (10KV).

District A: the first floor has 2,178 cabins and 9,600 sqm of commercial space, this space is occupied by the apparel trade district, which covers both the wholesale and retail levels. The second floor has 1,175 cabins and 9,600 sqm of retail area and is dedicated to high-class underwear, bras and underwear to quality. The third floor has 48 cabins and 1008 sqm of area: the district is dedicated to leather clothing.

District B: The first floor has 1,513 cabins and 7,024 sqm of retail area, is dedicated to wholesale and retail district of trousers & pants and children's wear. The second floor has 193 cabins and 7,024 sqm of commercial space, this floor is occupied by the district for beddings.

District C: The first floor has 670 cabins and 6,246 sqm of commercial space and is dedicated to non-staple foods and grocery trade. The second floor has 188 cabins and 6,246 sqm of commercial space, the district is dedicated to the towels.

District D: The first floor has 834 cabins and 6,740 sqm of commercial space is dedicated to non-staple foods. The second floor has 102 cabins and 6,740 sqm of retail area and is dedicated to the necktie market.

District E: has 402 cabins and a market area of 6,065 sqm, this district is dedicated to textiles and fabrics, accessories and decorative fabrics.

District 1 of International Trade Mart
The International Trade Mart occupies a building area of 340,000 sqm with and is divided into five main business areas: subject of the market, shopping center, manufacturer outlet center, catering center and warehousing center. There are about 9000 booths and more than 10500 business entities in total. The first floor deals in flowers and toys, the 2nd floor for jewelry, on the 3rd floor there are arts & crafts, on the 4th floor there are the manufacturer outlet center and in the east subsidiary building there are the sourcing center of foreign trade companies.

District 2 of International Trade Mart
The second district (District F & G) occupies over 600,000 sqm building area, above 8000 booths and the business entities are more than 10,000. The first floor is dedicated to suitcases & bags, umbrellas and raincoat; the second floor is occupied from hardware tools & fittings, electrical products, locks and vehicles; the third floor is for kitchenware & sanitary ware, electronic instruments & equipments, small home appliances, telecom facilities, watches & clocks; the fourth floor is for manufacturer outlet center and other high-class business area such as HK Hall, Korea Hall, Sichuan Hall; on the fifth floor, there is sourcing & service center of foreign trade; on the floor 2-3 of the central hall, there are tourism & shopping center and Historical Museum of CCC (China Commodity City).

District 3 of International Trade Mart
The District 3 of International Trade City (District H) has 460,000 sqm building area, over 6000 standard booths of 14 sqm on floor 1-3, more than 600 booths of 80-100 sqm on floor 4-5 and manufacturer outlet center on the fourth floor. The industries in the market cover cultural products, sports products, cosmetics, eyeglasses, zippers, buttons and apparel accessories etc. The market was equipped with central air conditioners, broadband system, Web TV, data center and firefighting & security monitoring center.

District 4 of International Trade Mart
The District 4 of International Trade City District occupies a building area of 560 thousand sqm. The functioning area is 1.739 million sqm, with over 14000 booths in the market. In this area there are the Daily Necessities, Knitting& Cotton Articles, (including hats, bra, underwear, scarves, gloves and other needle cotton fabrics ), footwear, cable (including the belt), knitwear (hosiery), neckties, towers, wool, lace and other industries.

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