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Welcome to Yiwu!
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Travel guide of Yiwu

>>Long corridor of 5 kilometers
Relies on the river of Yiwu which crossing city to the south in the east, It is the longest green long corridor of Zhejiang Province. Stone in two sides that build dyke firm and neat, stone pillar guardrail that cable links are peculiar. Green lawn like carpet mat unfolds, the strongly fragrant bush and the tree scattered about beautiful appearances and good in Order. The small bridge, pavilions, pond, garden, slope fall scattered in it. It is like a magical ribbon in heaven and earth.

>>LuoBinWang Park
It is a historical Cultural Park with content that in order to commemorate the famous poet LuoBinWang of Yiwu of the Tang Dynasty. Park build in middle way among the city, according to legend, in the Luo house pool area of LuoBinWang praise goose at the age of seven. There are screen walls of a house of the memorial Tang Dynasty of imitative at the park entrance. Whole of park regard experience of life of LuoBinWang as the material, rely mainly on natural mountains and rivers, by Jinjiexuhuai, praise goose, wind deep and cold water, white cloud beautiful house and Yunlinyouju 6 scenic spots make up. It represents this outstanding poet of outstanding talent, the quality noble and pure, brave and noble-minded official career, destiny heroically life.

>>Chouzhou Park
It is located in Chouzhou way, With Chinese small commodity city only hundred meters separating. It is built up that takes traditional garden landscape gardening of the South as the core, absorbs the park where the style of modern garden. The whole park is surrounded with the lake surface. You can sit quietly in small pavilion on the lakeside, enjoy easily and quietly; You can go boating on the lake, sport in the water shadow of glistening light of waves; You can stop before the statue of Yiwu famous person, cherishing the memory of the ancestor achievement; You can stroll between faint path and garden essay, comment the connotation of the artificial view of products.

>>Desheng rock
It is in the residence town of Houzhai beside the north of the city. Because thick pile of chain of mountains is also called thick rock. Ascend rock look far into the distance, hills and mountains incessantly, have grander sceneries luxuriantly, it is a good place for ascending a height and visiting scenic spot through the ages. With compare by the famous high mountain, it nothing certainly, but when you climb along the tortuous stone step going to, also the sigh that " step cloud and pitch stone are unsettled " will take place. Desheng rock has a lot of strange stone and strange cave, an enormous tortoise lies prone from the mountain peak, Nature ingenious technology accomplishes that turtle's lifelike shape makes one acclaim. There is a temple on Desheng rock, is once called as hertz walking in the temple efficaciously. Established in the beginning of Yuan Dynasty, it was built for commemorating assistant minister of the Ministry of War Huze of Song Dynasty. The hall is grand in the temple, the burning incense quite holds. Scholars come in continuous, have left much chanted and awarded poem of enjoys looking at the moon and wind.

>>Zhugong rock
It is lie in foot of a mountain of military rock of Huaxi village in town of Niansanli. Called the rock, it is a hole in fact. According to legend ancient one Buddhist monk carve "Zhuyang hole" 3 words take in book this occasionally but name. Zhugong rock is commonly named. 3 sides of Zhuyang hole surrounded by mountains, sit in the east towards the west.
There are many stone engravings of "mountain of cloud and room of stone" "Shu stone Zhenliu" by Ming Dynasty Wanli county magistrate of Zhoushiying and the master of Zhuyang hole Yuguoqi, and "fly to the cloud " " deep meditation rock " by Hezhou Yuenshou of Qianlong Year of Qing Dynasty in portal peak dike. There are inside hole, outsider hole, Side hole and lane hole, large hole sets of small hole, hole links hole, shape is very skillful, inside wide like hall room, light is bright, can hold one hundred people. ZhuGong hole attracted numerous visitors through the ages with its room in the hole and strange stone. Ancient praise: "Getting good, this rock is heavenly too" after visit.

>>Brass hill rock
It is at the ground of north Yiting town which from 15 kilometer of urban area, It is like a squat male lion in ground. Face upward head uphold towards north. The cliff is brass hill and rock like this lion. Lion's head faces upward in the high place have a open lion's mouth. In the period of Southern Song Dynasty, The people have constructed front, center, the latter three temples on the use of cliff mouth and the front platform. It's a pity, with time passes, the thing changes and the scene to move, several views were destroyed on lion rock originally, the brass hill and rock were close to sleeping lion. In the eighties, people built up a common hall of Daxiong palace, Hugong palace again in the brass hill and rock and precipice mouth, and has built up Liujiao pavilions, Tianwang palace in the back of rock. The traditional Double Ninth Festival is the most lively season of brass hill and rock. The visitor and pilgrim who have an area of one hundred come in a continuous stream, the flow of the people can be up to 20,000-30,000 people a long time most.

>>The Xiaohuang rock
It is located in the mountain of on the west of the pool village of the Wudian town. It lie of the mountain towering, stand like a wall a thousand, the shape like lie tiger straighten one's back and has the long whistle. The history records the son Xiaotong of the Southern Dynasty Emperor Liangwu series to ascend this mountain in admiration of its fame, see it dangerously steep, exclaim: "getting dangerous, fatherless bee alone beautiful even ". So, the Xiaohuang rock enjoys a widespread reputation. Along the winding mountain path, ascend the stairs, first in your eyes are one pair of beauty spots of loosing usher, resisting against Japan in the pavilion, WuGong pavilion, haphazard stone and level ground etc. Walk to half way up the mountain, come to saddle pavilion, you will be attracted by two grotesque peak and spectacular rocky peak pavilions. The left side looks like lion which up the head and sit towards to east call the lion rock. The right similar to 3 signal flags that insert on war robe carry in the costume play together, so call the rock of flags of rifle. Ascended the stairs again by the saddle pavilion, it is 18 winding. The lie of the mountain here is precipitous, it is dangerous, only one path can be supported, one may well say "a person in the way, ten thousand can not through", form a natural door.

>>Drip rock
It is located in SuXi town, also call the cave heaven of fish scale bamboo. According to legend that ZhuYuanzhang leads the officers and men when rest in SuXi and drinks water. Think SuXi water very much sweet and delicious, just look at the shadow of the bamboo flickers in the stream, green beautiful bamboo is graceful on the mountain, and then call it the fine-sounding name of the cave of heaven and bamboo. In addition, the water down to drip from huge rock all the year round, drip the cave of heaven also calls. Entering the scenic spot, it is Hugong palace which ascends the stairs along the huge rock. In the palace not only has HuZe image also Song Dynasty anti- gold great soldier ZongZe's image. Go out of Hugong palace, Circles on the stone step, which is Maitreya temple. Leaves the Maitreya religion temple along the south side great crag climb up approximately 20 meters, There are a seven -floors pagoda newly constructed extremely absorbs visitors . The tourist may circle along the tower in stone step but on, not merely can appreciate stone lion , stone dragon and thousand statues of Buddha of the inboard wall of tower, and step on one each time, can corridor outside tower wind one circle , see view of some mountains. Until mount top of the tower, SuXi new look have a panoramic view.

>>Yunhuang Mountain
It is located in the mountain area of Yinan tower. It far looks that there is one ancient tower into the clouds in ten thousand green clumps, the rays of sunlight are set off, and the graceful bearing is unique. Among the half way of the mountain, vaguely reveals a yellow wall, the yellow wall, green tree, white tower constitute a pair of splendid pictures. Hands down liang dynasty Fu Dashi to obtain enlightenment behind Shuanglin Temple. In order to free from human desires and passions, building up 3 quiet rooms as hiding the place among colt of mountaintop. Will it be the first day and the middle month every month, Buddha sit hillock stand foot-path platform give the disciple a statement. The truth word see yellow cloud like umbrella, cover on sky, so named Yunhuang Mountain. Three these quiet to Practice austerities, name with "Yunhuang temple" also. After Dashi died its some ashes is buried in this sharp tower on the mountain. Come into Yunhuang temple, it heads on to be one Mastery Buddha, right side is one big copper clock in weight. Just in the front is Daxiong palace, in the east Goddess of Mercy pavilion, in the west is the three Temple of God. One millennium LuoHansong of courtyard increased the vicissitudes of the ancient Yunhuang temple.

>>Songpu Mountain
Shuangfeng Mountain is in the high mountain of Zhuqiao which in the east of Chi'an town. It was the axis of Zhejiang that the highest peak around, Songpu Mountain is a part in the north of the Shuangfeng Mountain. Walk to the hill-side which in the peaceful forest along to the middle of the mountain, there is paths toward to left, walk with stone steps full of bumps and holes, lift eyes, see cliff that superb craftsmanship digs out tower into the clouds, two walls of the gorge are separated by not full of chi, the gorge bottom is divided into three sections by three huge stones. One stream out through the gorge, high up in the air meter of waterfalls hit the stone towards the rock, wave flies to the pearl, and afford a magnificent spectacle. out from Joe gorge to go up, about 50 steps, there are stone with thousand of steps, precipitous and straight like scaling ladder, you can see foot bottom if look up. It is called "one hundred steps high", it is the pass in the ancient battle field.

>>Danxi Cemetery Park
It is located in forest of Chi'an Dongzhu village. It is a commemoration garden with taking natural mountains and rivers as skeleton history vivid, personage plump, and scenery pleasant rural scenery. Here, not only have beautiful sceneries of lakes and mountains, the flowing water and small bridge, but have outstanding well-known doctor, one of four respected doctor house trace of Zhudanxi in Jin and Yuan Dynasty, and has the house to send sentiment of posterity respect that various types pavilions, the hall garden, the tablet porch. In the place of historic ruins of Danxi temple which in the cemetery park, there is Zhudanxi memorial museum of the hall with stern pattern and the broad palace. There is one tall and big Zhudanxi bronze statue in the stall of the hall. The backward courtyard is the Zhudanxi clinic, showroom, tablet corridor, exhibiting the Zhudanxi brook work and the contemporary celebrity's calligraphy and painting work. The cemetery park of Zhudanxi is pleasant.

>>Qi's troops memorial museum
The memorial museum of Qi's troops lies in Chi'an town Qiao Pavilion, built in a low flat gorge of opposite the village which the massif is perfectly round and rising and falling. The imposing manner grand of two eaves tower of city gate stand military, "The Great Wall" make by pieces of blue and green stone beside the gate tower, obey the terrain, zigzag to two mountains in the north and south. Walk close to gate tower," return in triumph floor "three words flash the golden light ". Because the Qi's troops are the pride of the native in Yiwu. QiJiguang resist against Japan in the east of Zhejiang in that year, employed 3000 Yiwu soldier in Chi'an of the south of Yiwu, These officers and men sweep the coastal Japan enemies, protect the north border area, brave and skillful in battle, steadfast and diligent, known as "soldier kind". Only a generation of Ming Dynasty, There are 228 soldiers award such duty as flat marshal, general, vice president, join General, Qian president, Ba president and so on because of military achievement. On the crab shape mountain in the north of the memorial museum now, there are these military officers' graves. The whole project of memorial museum of the Qi's troops has not been all completed yet. The follow-up project will include: Weapon hall in the Ming Dynasty, performing the military drawing room, man-of-war to carry on the exercise of the lake etc. Then, the large stage where the Qi's troops make contributions and start there career will show fully of power on this brave land which feed out "soldier kind ".

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