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Yiwu Shopping

The Chinese small Commodity city is located in Yiwu in the middle part of Zhejiang province, established in 1982; it was one of the professional markets which our country established first. For over 20 years, go through four times move and enlargement eight times, there are more than 800,000 square meters of area of business now, trade place more than 34000, employees more than 80,000, the volume of the flow of passengers everyday is more than 200,000 persons, the total turnover of the market was up to 24,827 million Yuan in 2003, among them the foreign export took 50 tops, has occupied the first place of wholesale market of the national industrial products for 13 years in succession, authorize State Bureau of Quality Testing the honorary title of the market of " in weight quality , watch over prestige ", it is the international small Commodity exhibition centre with circulation, research and development, It is the largest small Commodity export base of our country.
Chinese small Commodity city constitute by three market which international market of Yiwu in china, guest Wang market and Bingwang market, the market has 34 trades, 1502 big classes, 320,000 kinds of goods, nearly include handicrafts, ornaments, hardware, articles of daily use, all such manufactured goods as rain gear, electronic apparatus, toy, cosmetics, recreation and sports, socks industry, non-staple food, clock, thread bringing, cotton of the needle, fabrics, tie, clothing, etc. Among them, the ornaments, socks, toy, volume of production and marketing account for more than 1/3 of national market. Good and inexpensive, the characteristic fill with everything is distinct, have extremely strong competitiveness in the world.
There are a lot of goods kinds sold in batches in Yiwu, amounts to 28 big classes, mainly include the clothing (including tie and socks etc), ornaments, toy, hardware, zipper, fittings of the clothing, indoor articles, electrical home appliances, shoes, handicraft and cosmetics ,etc. Trade companies managed are the private wholesale enterprise from the whole country and manufacturing enterprise, take small and medium enterprise as the core among them. In product specification respect, in general, more low-grade products still take the main. Except products produced in regions of Yiwu and Zhejiang province, have many as Guangdong stock up and distribute from the coastal area too.

Professional market

Professional market Place Management variety
International trade and business market The north road of Chouzhou Handicraft, accessories, toy, flower class and so on
Chinese Huangyuan market of small Commodity city Huangyuan road No51 Metals, zipper, thread, sports electric apparatus, rain gear, case and bag, articles of daily use, electron, button, shoes, lighter, clock etc.
Chinese Bingwang market of small Commodity city Bingwang road No158 Clothing, non-staple food, tie, bed clothes, towel, pile, dry fruit candy, needle cotton goods, fabrics, cosmetics ,etc.
Knitting market Huangyuan road Socks
Electrical home appliances Bingwang road No 101 All kinds of electrical home appliances
Correspondence market Bingwang road No 211 All kinds of correspondence tools
Computer market Zhao residence road Computer, computer consumptive material
Commodity market Chengxi road NO 199 The aluminum product, the clothing material, the ceramic building materials, stone materials, mounts the material
Goods and materials market Chengxi road NO 266 Building board, wooden line, wood floor, decoration, hardware, buckle board, paint, log, bamboo, windows and doors processing
Furniture market Bingwang road NO 238 Furniture, official business apparatus
Agricultural trade city Chengxi road Multi-level crossing bridge Fruit, grain and oil, vegetables, flowers
Producer goods market Chengxi road No 251 Decoration material, plastic, metal material, construction material
Real estate transaction market Bingwang road NO 68 Housing, working house
Cosmetics market Bingwang road No 238 Various kinds of cosmetics, makeup utensil
Clothing market The first floor on Bingwang market a district, b district The clothing, pile, non-staple
Food market The first floor on Bingwang market d district, c district Non-staple food, groceries, dry fruit, candy, roasted seeds and nuts
Tie market The second floor on Bingwang market d district The tie
Bed clothes market The second floor on Bingwang market a district, b district Bed clothes, knitted underwear, shirt
Lace market The second floor on Bingwang market d district Various types of lace
The towel market The third floor on Bingwang market c district Towel
Textile market The Bingwang market e district Textile, cloth
Glasses market The north of Huangyuan market Glasses
The cultural goods market Yijia Mountain The cultural goods
The knitting raw materials The second floor in Knitting market Various kinds of knitting raw materials

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