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Welcome to Yiwu!
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Yiwu Overview

Yiwu lies in the middle part of Zhejiang Province. In close proximity to Dongyang in the east, link to Yongkang city and Wuyi County in the south, are boarded by Jinhua County and Lanxi city in the west, bounded in Pujiang county and Zhuji city in the north. Belong to the subtropical monsoon climate. Making a clear distinction between the four seasons , season of winter and summer is long, spring and autumn is short , temperate is gentle, The average temperature of the whole year is 170C,the highest temperature reaches 40.90C, the minimum temperature is - 10.70C over the years; The rainfall is plentiful, The annual latent average water yield is between 1100 - 1600 mm, May and June are the season of intermittent drizzles in the rainy season, the rainfall is more plentiful; sunshine is much, annual average sunshine time is 2129.7 hours; Frost-free period is 243 days. The whole area is 1105 Square kilometer, local permanent resident population is 660,000, people stayed temporarily are 360,000. There are eight towns under its command, such as Fotang, Suxi, Shangxi, Ersanli, Dacheng, Chengxi, Chian, Yiting, the centre urban area has street of five pieces as Choucheng, Jiangdong, Choujiang, Beiyuan, Houzhai. The river belongs to the river of Qiantangjiang. The longest river is Yiwu river in the condition, the source is Dapan mountain of Qinan county, flow through Xujiang town central village then converge into Wu river with Nanjiang river, 39.75 kilometer long in border, main branch river more than 90.
Located in the east of JinQu basin, takes hills the core, the east , the south , the north are surrounded by mountains, the terrain is lowered slowly from the Northeast to southwest, Constitutes the thing short corridor type basin of north and south to be long and east and west to be short, The highest peak in the whole city is Dahanjian of bound by Yongkang city, the elevation is 925.6 meters, the minimums place of the whole city is Wayaotou which beside the Dacheng river, the elevation is 41.9 meters. The domestic mountain region, hills, plain present form the ladder and distributed. The mountain in the Northeast has an elevation of 906.6 meters, the Dahanjian in the south has an elevation of 925.6 meters, the western Emaojian has an elevation of 840.7 meters, and these three mountains constitute the tendency of standing like the legs of a tripod and tower at the land border of the city. The middle part is valley plain which format by Yiwu River, Dacheng River and Hongxun River.
The natural resources is abundant, have 49,000 hectare of mountain forest, the forest is major with loose, mao bamboo, forest coverage rate up to 37.2 percent. the mineral products have been already exploited are brown coal with low calorific value, Yingstone, Ninghui stone etc, it is abundant to contain such 24 kinds of mineral resources as iron, copper, polished, zinc ,etc. waterpower resources is plentiful. The whole city has build more than 80 kilowatts of little power station 18 places already, 48 sets of installation, the total amount of total installation is 6090 kilowatts, generate electricity 15 million kilowatt hours every year.The commerce is developed, the market is prosperous. The small commodity market of Yiwu keep the economic characteristic with is low price, the whole variety, information is efficacious, then attract traveling trader all sides for new characteristic of small, many and quickly. At present, the total area of business of small commodity market in Yiwu is more than 500,000 square meters, 26000 formal stands. The emergence of the market has created the gifted advantage for the industry and individual economic development of Yiwu. There are 14000 industrial enterprises in the whole city, such eight major trades among them walk in the whole country as clothing, assorted knitting , printing, ornaments, zipper, woolen, toy , key embryo ,etc. The total industrial output value was up to 24,960 million Yuan in 1998, per capita net income of peasants is 4573 Yuan. Crowded the ranks of "economic counties and cities of 100 tops of China" of body in 1995, the location occupied the 47th place, per capita gross product arrange the primary importance of Zhejiang Province. Entered the ranks of "first batch of small developed County (city) of Zhejiang Province" in 1995.

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