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Yiwu History

Wushang county start to put in Qin Dynasty Yinzheng 25 years (222 B.C.), In the fable has a loyal son's to name YanWu take the earth to bury his father, group Crow to hold soil in the mouth to help him, Crow mouth all wounded, WuDe Tang Dynasty mark Wushang county to put Chouzhou, gain the name with thick rock , 6 years (623 ) of WuDe Tang Dynasty, Chouzhou divided into two county of Wuxiao and Huachuan, 7years(624) of WuDe Tang Dynasty, put Wuxiao and Huachuan together, then start to call Yiwu county, uses till today, it means crow wounded , crow filial piety. Dismissed from the county and set up the city (at county level) with the approval of the State Council in May of 1988.

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