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Welcome to Yiwu!
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Yiwu Cuisine

South candied date

"Take three dates everyday, difficult old all one's life ", this proverb spreads with long time in Yiwu. Because the south candied date have some function of raises spleen, flat stomach Qi, moistens the heart and lungs, stops coughing, enriching the efficiency of the five internal organs, have already been written into " Chinese famous product " book, has made a name home and abroad.

>>Brown sugar
The reputation of the "town of brown sugar "of Yiwu is spread far and wide for a long time. brown sugar enjoy high reputation at home for quality soft, like fine sand , pure and have dreg to break up, fragrant delicious " Yiwu blue and green ", it is top grade in the brown sugar.

Become much-told tale all over the world of Yiwu ham; because nutritious and fragrant smell strong to profuse in praise Emperor as early as more than 800 years ago, Today, the tribute of those years is still attract, thick fragrant smell overflows even more.

>>Bean curd
Color of the leather such as jade, thin like wing, slip like skin of Soya-bean milk of Yiwu, it was the tribute of the imperial court originally. Find a good sale in all parts of the country especially today, become a delicious delicacy on dining table.

>>Huafeng snack
Huafeng snack old world locate in Canghou way Huafeng hotel the first floor, open with an area of 1200 square meters. Wide in variety, flavor uniqueness, environment is suitable. It well received by citizen with thinking of management on "5 Yuan have enough, ten Yuan is taken well ". Have the praise of "citizen's dining room ". Snack old world consist of snack, fast food, hot pot, seafood 5 business districts of sidewalk snack, north and south of flavor among them introduced in all parts of the country famous flavor pastry, snack more than 300 kinds; " fountain hot pot of the flying dragon " gather many kinds of methods of burning , boiling , rinsing , baking , frying , bombing etc. of Chinese , Japanese and S.Korean, more than 200 kinds help oneself characteristic pickles , add water automatically , facilitate and hygiene, rated as an unsurpassed one in numerous hot pot ; Seafood that put out newly sidewalk snack is the only popular seafood of whole city, popular with price its being low ,wide in variety ,purchasing fresh and in time.

>>Meat pie of East River
Perhaps the person been to Yiwu all had such feeling, as you come into that simple commodity section, face the desk and sit, two eyes look at that dough in master worker's hands staring at directly, it is draw to tear with rotation with his both hands, one thin pancake of the rice paper involved. And then the master worker puts it into a pan. With spurt being oily to fry, one minute slightly, smoke fragrant to distribute, color can reach in front of you to wave like meat pie of amber. Cake this call "East River meat pie", named "insert meat double-deck wheat cake" in fact. This cake birthplace is in the East River village of Yiwu East River town. The good name is raised far because is made fastidious, the flavor and color beauty.

>>The hand-pulled noodles
Yiwu on the new road of hand-pulled noodles is famous. A narrow road, some low shops, several small square tables, simple and crude wheaten food little shop, no fall appetite, always so many people patronize from morning till night so. Yiwu hand-pulled noodles select local toughness white flour or the Northeast flour fine for use, handled workers rubbed and formatted the dough, the ones that rubbed with the hands into a finger thickly, then pulls and finish. So have the characteristics that thickness, smooth and soft, rich and elastic. Add various kinds of condiments to mix complement, become heavy to rank the hand-pulled noodles, or become hand-pulled noodles of mustard greens, or become beef hand-pulled noodles, or become hand-pulled noodles of green vegetables ..Taking three, five Yuan or five, six Yuan, you can eat the hand-pulled noodles of Yiwu of a great bowl with delicious taste.

>>Baizi and Dingchen wine
Zi and Dingchen wine are the famous brand of wine in Yiwu. In Yuan Dynasty famous doctor ZhuDanxi "Wild Guest Collection" book, record the "Baizi wine". Dingchen wine select Zhejiang precise white polished glutinous rice, red song natural raw materials for use, make in traditional method, 3 years to preserve to. Its color is like reddish brown dates, the pool is like amber, old alcohol of fragrance, soft and delightful, successively obtained the special award of the fair , the first food fair silver medal award , first food fair gold medal of Zhejiang Province of the whole country of international West Lake in 1929 , 1988 , 1993.

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