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Zhejiang chang Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
Address: Yiwu City, south of the industrial development zone 39 to Zip Code: 322000
Tel: 5316125     Fax: 5322485
Other plastic products industry: the production and operation of plastic sheets cork products.

Hong Garment Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Industry
Address: Story Yiwu Wang Yip Road 38 Zip Code: 322000
Tel: 5430179     Fax: 5430179
Apparel manufacturing industry: the production of shirts to mainly engaged in garment and apparel business processing.

Color Printing Co., Ltd. Zhejiang new
Address: Yiwu industrial area south of the village of Pui Road, Post Code: 322000
Tel: 5317236     Fax: 5312938
Decoration packaging printing industry: the production and operation of high profile print and packaging materials.

High-wing highway construction (Yiwu) Co., Ltd.
Address: Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, the new road 59 Zip Code: 322000
Tel: 5531065     Fax:
Railways, highways, tunnel and bridge construction: Highway 03 to Yiwu Jinyi 21.333 km section of the bridge management, road construction.

Yang Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. Zhejiang thick
Address: Zhejiang Yiwu Economic Development Zone Zip Code: 322000
Tel: 53128995316887     Fax: 5312899
Printing and dyeing industry: a variety of needle textile printing and dyeing finishing clothing.

Yiwu far-Crafts Co., Ltd.
Address: Yiwu Beiyuan Industrial Park Zip code: 322000
Tel:     Fax:
Other arts and crafts industry: plastic products, handicrafts, toys production and sales.

Zhejiang Yiwu Yong-chun Knitting Co., Ltd.
Address: Yiwu Zhaizhen under the B & R Industrial Development Zone, Zip Code: 322013
Tel: 5087588     Fax: 5363366
Other textile industry: the production and operation of various types of products, socks

Zhejiang justice uson vein Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
Address: Yiwu Soviet ZIP Town Town Industrial Area: 322,000
Tel:     Fax:
Wood furniture manufacturing: the manufacture and sale of wood products.

Yiwu Kuge Toy Co., Ltd.
Address: Yiwu Pui Village Road No. 288 Zip Code: 322000
Tel: 5316761     Fax: 5484130
Stationery manufacturing: toys and stationery (non-inflammable and explosive materials), manufacturing sales

Zhejiang Sanding Weaving Co., Ltd.
Address: Zhejiang Yiwu Economic Development Zone II area Zip code: 322000
Tel:     Fax:
Production in other manufacturing products: ribbon, zipper manufacturing sales

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